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Nigerian Lady Slams Uncle For Reporting Her To Her Parents For Wearing Bikini [Video]



A Nigerian lady identified as Amalia Kalu has taken to social media to slam her uncle who drove  to her family house to report her to her parents for wearing a bikini.


Sharing the video on her Twitter page, Amalia disclosed that her uncle drove almost an hour from his home to report her parents that she wore  bikini.

Slamming her uncle for being a jobless idiot, the lady decried that he also sent her bikini pictures to other family members to report to her father.

In the video, the angry young lady could be heard tackling her uncle who is seated on a sofa and she spoke on how weird it is that he has her photos on his phone.

“My uncle really drove to my house to report me because i wore a bikini. imagine driving 1 hour to report me to my parents. DUMMY X12,” she wrote.

“He ended up sending it to others to the point where people were calling my dad. Jobless idiot instead of him to focus on his rent he can’t pay he’s worried about a bikini picture Mtchew.”

Watch the video below.

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